Why it took me a Month to figure 1 thing out

Recently, I have begun writing daily journals(again). It was a practice that I use to do all the time, but as I started university, I lingered off of it for a long time. But after coming back from my Japan trip, I realized I had a lot of introspection that I needed to do. And after doing it for about month, I have made a grand total of 1.5 realizations.

I realized that I was a person that could not just “go with the flow”. I am a person that goes after what they want, and try to bend the universe to their will. However, the main issue with how I live is that whenever I do not know what I want to do or what I should do, I am left in a state of turmoil. I am left without direction.

And now that I realized this truth, I now know that I need a lot more work to do. However, this realization is not why I wanted to write this post. I wanted to focus on the month it took to realize what I Realized.

Some of you might be telling yourselves that I must suck at introspection for it to take me a month to realize only one thing. And you might be right(pretty sure that you are), however, allow me to introduce another concept. The best way to paint what I am trying to convey, I am going to go into creative writing.

When writing a book, the only way you can write a book is to write everyday. And no matter how good of a writer you are, you are going to write crap. Most of what you write is going to be crap. If you wrote 10 pages in a day, and you only end up with 2 pages worth of usable material, you had to write those 8 other bad pages in order for your to get to the 2 good ones. Your mind is factory full of clutter, and in order to get to the things you want to get to, you have to rid yourself of the crap first.

Instead of blaming my inability to introspect for the month it took to come to a single understanding, I endeavor to say that I had a month’s worth of clutter in my brain that I needed to get through before reaching anything of value. And this all goes back to the phrase that nothing of value comes quickly. Building an empire, understanding who you are, any endeavor truly worthwhile is going to take a lot of time.

So when you find yourself trying something new, trying to accomplish something worthwhile, and you hit a plateau, stick with it. Stick with it all the way till the end. Stick with it until you make progress. You have to understand that hitting a plateau is a sign of progress. You are suppose to hit one. It’s just natural.

It’s just that simple.