Go | Sam Choi Motivation

If you guys didn’t know, I use to upload videos everyday on my youtube channel. I have recently stopped the practice, so I could focus on developing higher quality content.

For the past week, that is exactly what I have been doing, and today I am glad to say that I have finished the project, and am “proud” to show you guys the fruit of my efforts. Please click the link below, and watch the video. Tell me what you think, share if you like the video, and if you hate it, please tell me why.

In the video, I talk about my homelessness, and I go into intimate detail about how it deeply affected who I was and am today. Please enjoy this little insight to the life of moi.

Much Appreciated,




Simple Vlog 2: The Experiment

So this week’s vlog was super fun to make. The sound quality is kind of shitty because of how loud the restaurant, so bare with me, but there are a lot of gems to be found in my conversation with my friend. We talk about my experiences with homelessness, writing, and much more.


How to be your Authentic Self and Be Original on Youtube

Relevant if you have read my last blog post. Being true to your heart, and what you heart wants to voice through video. Love the video influencer channel, and I will definitely watch more.

Can’t have everything come from me, because I don’t know everything, so I am glad to share videos when I gain something from them.



Gary Vaynerchuck’s “Document, Don’t Create” Daily vlog episode, teaches how to create by not creating.

In a world of such broad spectrum, we must take a step back and observe every once in a while. Before we try to create our “masterpiece”, we have to absorb what we can from the great individuals that came before us. The more we learn, the longer we will shine.