How to Force Your Body to Rest: A Post for A-Type Personalities Like ME

If you have an A-Type personality, then you are good at one thing: achievements. You chase down what you want, and you are always after the next thing. Life never seems to be enough, and there always have to be more. For people like me, it is hard to just relax. There always has to… Continue reading How to Force Your Body to Rest: A Post for A-Type Personalities Like ME

When I cut off Everyone

If you guys have been following my blog lately, specifically my last 2 posts, then you know I have been talking about choosing friends, leaving friends, and just being honest to your integrity and how you feel overall. The thing about acting honestly is that the more you do it, the more clear your perspective… Continue reading When I cut off Everyone

Using Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring Suite

I bought Jordan Peterson’s self authoring suite last week, and have been using it on a nearly daily basis. I decided that since a lot of people have been talking about him lately(when I was writing this post at least), and have been wondering about this site’s effectiveness in particular, I would review it myself.… Continue reading Using Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring Suite

Putting Yourself Out There

I remember when I was around 18 years old, and for the first time in my life, I decided to put myself out there. I decided to go after a dream that I have had for almost all of my high school life. The dream was to become a male model(I know…I know). I was… Continue reading Putting Yourself Out There

Choosing What to Do

Most of our days are filled with monotonous tasks that we choose to do to keep ourselves busy. Whether it be checking our phones for email, checking our email for email, or checking on anything to keep our minds away from the real stressful tasks at hand. Success comes from the ability to not be… Continue reading Choosing What to Do

Say No! to almost everything ; P

DISCLAIMER: STRONG FUCKING LANGUAGE There are certain things that we do in our daily lives that restrict our creativity. Well, to be more specific, we waste our creativity.   So what do I mean? Well, everyday we refill our creative tanks, or what is better known as mental energy. Some of us can study for… Continue reading Say No! to almost everything ; P

Why you should get rid of your friends(some)

In the Great War, there were tragedies experienced by people that were just like you and I, that, if experienced individually, would have made them go insane. And, however disturbing this thought may be, because there were people to experience the atrocities together, people were able to contend with all the pain and death, and… Continue reading Why you should get rid of your friends(some)