Understanding Your Customer

Now this will be a blog post that will appeal to a very small part of my audience base, so bear with me here, because I believe that sooner or later, society is going to force people to start their own businesses. This blog post will deal with market research, and basically understanding your customer,… Continue reading Understanding Your Customer

When to Look at life Objectively

One of the most common thoughts the people have that deter them from getting closer to their dreams is that they look at their lives and their futures far too subjectively. Now what do I mean by that? Well the only way that I can explain is through my youtube channel. I started Simple Wisdom… Continue reading When to Look at life Objectively

Being Lazy, and how to wake up Hardcore

So I woke up at around 6 am today. And I know to some, that is pretty early already. However let me put that into perspective. I usually wake up at around 5:30. But… why? Well, I just like getting my work done as soon as I wake up. I have the most creative energy,… Continue reading Being Lazy, and how to wake up Hardcore

My Morning Routine, daily habits, the little tidbits that keep me sane and healthy.

If you look at most professionals with attributes most people would deem successful, they all have something in common, and that is-routines. They all have certain rituals that they stick to religiously in order to help them be more productive, creative, and in-control. A little about me I have been obsessed(strong word) over other people’s… Continue reading My Morning Routine, daily habits, the little tidbits that keep me sane and healthy.

The Art of stARTing

The Trick Well if you had enough balls to get past the weird title, and you have begun to actually read the article, I must commend you. And sadly I might disappoint you. Why? Because there is no art to starting, instead there is just starting.   People stress over the start too much. They… Continue reading The Art of stARTing

Letting things take their time

So, I started my youtube channel about two months ago, and I now have about 40 subscribers(I wrote this a couple of weeks before, now that number is about 200, how far we have come!). My channel has been viewed about 8000 times, and I have released a little over 20 videos. Now, I can’t… Continue reading Letting things take their time

The Art of Habitual Creativity

The image of the creative that lives like a hermit, the person that has an “aha!” moment, and then goes into hiding within the confines of his/her room or garage to create. However appealing this image may be to the common man, and I can’t lie, it is pretty romantic, but it also deludes people… Continue reading The Art of Habitual Creativity