Being Afraid of Helping Yourself

I had a very deep conversation with two people last night. I asked them the question, “Which parent’s love did you crave more?” (something I got from a┬ápodcast episode with Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins), and one of the guys I was talking to said something very thought provoking.   He was afraid to deal… Continue reading Being Afraid of Helping Yourself

How to Study in the Ivy League

I go to the fourth best university in the world, according to this article(at that level though, every one is so good, that it’s impossible to compare). UC Berkeley is a great school, and I would like to share some tips on how to not only survive, but strive in a Ivy League school. Now… Continue reading How to Study in the Ivy League

Having Creative Habits: How to Create like a Pro

When looking at professionals creators(artists, writers, etc), people that have their livelihood depend on their creativity, they have routines to continually harness their creativity.   Now let’s go to the ordinary creative. The people that depend on those lucky creative outbursts in order to be creative. They are slaves to circumstance, and most of them… Continue reading Having Creative Habits: How to Create like a Pro

Journal #1 My First Percent Better

I decided to wake up earlier, so I am starting at 7 am. I have consistently woken up at this time for the past 5(?) days. I have been getting a lot more done, and I have had a lot more free time.   I want to read at least 100 pages a day. And… Continue reading Journal #1 My First Percent Better

Why A students work for B and C Students.

I was looking at a book by Robert Kiyosaki. Well, to be honest I just saw the cover. And it had the same title above(minus the b students, sorry guys), and it got me thinking. And like most people, I do all my thinking the shower. A students are praised and rewarded for their academic… Continue reading Why A students work for B and C Students.

Focusing on what is truly important, Your Art

I have been reminded constantly this week about how easily I mislabel things as important. In my head, everything is under the label of important and unimportant. Now if you’re like me, you are pretty good at sorting through your day, and focusing on what is important.   However, if you are also like me,… Continue reading Focusing on what is truly important, Your Art

The Art of Retarding yourself

In ancient times, warriors would purposefully self-impose constraints to force themselves to become stronger. They would, on purpose, limit themselves, retard their movements, and shut off certain senses, in order to grow and become greater warriors.   Now, must of us are familiar with these training montages. The hero chains himself to a tree and… Continue reading The Art of Retarding yourself