Getting Trapped in Our Own Beliefs

Beliefs are a scary thing. Whether your beliefs are right or not, moral or not, they still determine how you see the world, and how you act within it. I was with a friend recently, and he was talking about how he believed that money could buy anything. This one belief changed the way he… Continue reading Getting Trapped in Our Own Beliefs

Getting the Important Things Done

When it comes to being productive and spending your creative energy throughout the day, you want to invest your energy in the most important tasks, so that you can produce the highest level of work. However, sometimes we get lost in our own little worlds and we don’t know what we should focus on. Well… Continue reading Getting the Important Things Done

Focusing on what is important in times of crisis

I always wanted to be able to write about how to deal with a crisis when I was actually going through one. Everything becomes clear in retrospect, but to actually breathe the advice you give, and to be able to maintain a clear mind within a battlefield, that is true mastery. The Crisis So I… Continue reading Focusing on what is important in times of crisis