Why I keep going with only 500 subscribers

A lot of people are wondering why I keep making videos. Not saying a lot of your guys, my simpletons haha, but rather my friends and peers. Although I am steadily growing, my numbers are not huge, and so a lot of the people around me see this as a waste of time or maybe… Continue reading Why I keep going with only 500 subscribers

Drawing my own Manga Part 2

Please Watch the Video I made about my Process and Thoughts here! https://youtu.be/HRwqmndbwmo Please Enjoy So as I finished the storyboard and character development, I decided to go ahead and start the final project. First thing I had to do was draw the panels.  I didn’t have a ruler so I had to fold a… Continue reading Drawing my own Manga Part 2

How I Keep Hustling

The reason why we catch ourselves procrastinating, or not working hard, it is because we have made it a habit to do so. This is something I learned from watching people that hustle, like Gary Vaynerchuck, when you are working, hustle your work. When you are resting, hustle your rest. If you keep switching gears… Continue reading How I Keep Hustling

Merry Christmas to all Simpletons!!

Merry Christmas to all of you Beautiful Simpletons!!! Hopefully you have finished the 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge Series, and now you can spend the day of giving with a new found spirit of gratitude, and appreciate those around you with the love that they deserve. I will keep this post short. Just make sure… Continue reading Merry Christmas to all Simpletons!!

Writing Strategy: A Daily Grind of 300 Words

So for the past month, I have been writing blog posts everyday. I wake up at around 5-6am and I churn out my 300 words. Sometimes I go way over, sometimes I go a little under. But the point is that I make it a habit to write everyday, and create. It feels good to… Continue reading Writing Strategy: A Daily Grind of 300 Words

Undoing the Damage of Pornography

I am sorry, but this post will deal with specifically male problems. Forgive me ladies, but I am also a man, and so in order to be completely transparent, I must be who I am, and that is a man. But this should not bar you from reading on, because there are many gems throughout… Continue reading Undoing the Damage of Pornography