How to Get Over Jet Lag

This will be a much more straight forward piece, so this should be a much more easy read. Jet-Lag. Once┬ácoming back from a place you spent┬ámore than 3 weeks in with a 16 hour time difference, Jet-Lag should be expected. Now in order to get use to the new time schedule as soon as possible,… Continue reading How to Get Over Jet Lag

Protect my Time

POETRY WARNING! If you are new to my blog, then know that I do not only write self-help posts, I also write poetry and short stories. So the following will be a poem of mine, if you don’t like poetry, then please enjoy some of other posts~ thank you, and enjoy~ Cheers, Sam Protect my… Continue reading Protect my Time

Anger: How to stop taking things too seriously~

We often take each other for granted. We get comfortable by our relationships, and in a moments notice we can flip on each other in a turn of rage. And in that moment of anger, we forget the history that we share with one another, because anger is a blind. We forget how we laughed… Continue reading Anger: How to stop taking things too seriously~