How to Deal with the Hard Times

I am currently going through a rough patch in life. It seems as though my life had been one long high for the last couple of years, but like all things in this life, it must come to an end some day. And since now I am in a dark period, I thought this would… Continue reading How to Deal with the Hard Times

Developing a Badass Attitude

I think one of the things that I am known for is my mental toughness. I am someone that needs to be challenged everyday, and I love the daily grind of trying to improve. I get excited by hardship, and giving up is not in my vocabulary. I was not always like this. This character… Continue reading Developing a Badass Attitude

Say No! to almost everything ; P

DISCLAIMER: STRONG FUCKING LANGUAGE There are certain things that we do in our daily lives that restrict our creativity. Well, to be more specific, we waste our creativity.   So what do I mean? Well, everyday we refill our creative tanks, or what is better known as mental energy. Some of us can study for… Continue reading Say No! to almost everything ; P

Kill the enemy when they’re a baby: Problem Solving

So I have found myself getting more and more tired, and I do not know if this is because if I have not been eating enough or not eating enough healthy food. But the point is, I do not feel as good as I use to when I wake up. I feel much more groggy,… Continue reading Kill the enemy when they’re a baby: Problem Solving

The Art of stARTing

The Trick Well if you had enough balls to get past the weird title, and you have begun to actually read the article, I must commend you. And sadly I might disappoint you. Why? Because there is no art to starting, instead there is just starting.   People stress over the start too much. They… Continue reading The Art of stARTing

Eradication of disgusting Helplessness

If there is one thing I hate in life, then it is helplessness. I want to figure out what helplessness is, and where it comes from. When someone is helpless, it is not because they are literally incapable of doing something, but rather, they choose to believe that they are incapable of a feat. They… Continue reading Eradication of disgusting Helplessness

Lessons on writing and interviewing from a Modern Hemingway Journalist

“You can call me that, but it is totally untrue haha” -Jon Swartz [in reaction to me calling him the “Modern Hemingway Journalist”]   It is rare for me to ever be amazed by someone, especially when it comes to writing. But when I was talking to Jon Swartz, one thought bubble popped into my… Continue reading Lessons on writing and interviewing from a Modern Hemingway Journalist