A Simple Challenge: Say the Truth

I am going to be taking a small mental break from the world of Dragon Ball Z, and will be writing about something that has been floating around in my head for a while. I have been diving deep into the lectures of Dr. Jordan Peterson, and one of the things he advises is that… Continue reading A Simple Challenge: Say the Truth

Exploring Dragon Ball Z: Yamcha

Continuing the spirit of exploring topics, and trying to psychoanalyze things at a deeper level, I have decided to explore something that was essential to my growth as a child, and something that remains essential to how I talk to myself. Just yesterday, when I was doing my Muay Thai training, in order to push… Continue reading Exploring Dragon Ball Z: Yamcha

Getting Trapped in Our Own Beliefs

Beliefs are a scary thing. Whether your beliefs are right or not, moral or not, they still determine how you see the world, and how you act within it. I was with a friend recently, and he was talking about how he believed that money could buy anything. This one belief changed the way he… Continue reading Getting Trapped in Our Own Beliefs

Stop Thinking Ahead and Just Live Stupid

You know, there are places where I would expect wisdom to come from, and places where I do not expect wisdom to come from. Today, wisdom came from the most of unexpected places. Jim Carrey. Although he was talking about what he learned from the author Eckart Tolle, it was strange nonetheless to have such… Continue reading Stop Thinking Ahead and Just Live Stupid