You are what You put up With

When it comes to me, I am a pretty predictable person. I get bored of things very easily. When I am interested in something, I am usually obsessed. And the same goes for larger patterns in life, which will be the focus of today’s post. The larger pattern that I am talking about today is… Continue reading You are what You put up With

Why I choose to not have friends

“You’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with most”   It is inescapable. Whenever we meet/talk to people, we are affected in some way. Less in strangers, more in people. And if you want to make the quality of your life better and easier, you have to be strategic with who you… Continue reading Why I choose to not have friends

The Art of stARTing

The Trick Well if you had enough balls to get past the weird title, and you have begun to actually read the article, I must commend you. And sadly I might disappoint you. Why? Because there is no art to starting, instead there is just starting.   People stress over the start too much. They… Continue reading The Art of stARTing

Being Afraid of Helping Yourself

I had a very deep conversation with two people last night. I asked them the question, “Which parent’s love did you crave more?” (something I got from a podcast episode with Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins), and one of the guys I was talking to said something very thought provoking.   He was afraid to deal… Continue reading Being Afraid of Helping Yourself

How to stop taking life so Seriously

Symptoms Running away from the task at hand. Taking life too seriously.   Now if you are like me, you can’t really take a joke. Everything feels like an attack on who you are as a person, and so, you choose to get hurt or angry. And usually, by the end of the exchange, you… Continue reading How to stop taking life so Seriously

Having Creative Habits: How to Create like a Pro

When looking at professionals creators(artists, writers, etc), people that have their livelihood depend on their creativity, they have routines to continually harness their creativity.   Now let’s go to the ordinary creative. The people that depend on those lucky creative outbursts in order to be creative. They are slaves to circumstance, and most of them… Continue reading Having Creative Habits: How to Create like a Pro