My Love of Jazz

There will be no advice in this post, just some good o’l lovin. There was a warmth in the air. During those days there weren’t any air conditioners, just fans. The floors were made of wood, and everything had a brown teal. And at the center of all the wood, and the dusty, warm air… Continue reading My Love of Jazz

I’m pissed off, and I need to help myself, so bare with me.

Now there have been a lot of small “tough” things that have happened today. And this is not a post for you, my reader, instead this post is for me, and I just want to remind myself how stupid it is that I am allowing myself to feel this way over the smallest things. My… Continue reading I’m pissed off, and I need to help myself, so bare with me.

Being Vulnerable to be Happy

One of the most important things in relationship is communication. Now we all know this, this is not anything new, and quite frankly, we are all tired of hearing this over and over. Well to be honest, this is something that I have had to learn the hard way, even though I went into the… Continue reading Being Vulnerable to be Happy

She’s There

So as promised, today’s post is a short story. It felt great to write something like this for you guys. I have been meaning to write one for so long. If you want more posts like this, please tell me in the comment section below, and of course, share it! Enjoy~ Cheers~ -Sam She’s There… Continue reading She’s There

Eradication of disgusting Helplessness

If there is one thing I hate in life, then it is helplessness. I want to figure out what helplessness is, and where it comes from. When someone is helpless, it is not because they are literally incapable of doing something, but rather, they choose to believe that they are incapable of a feat. They… Continue reading Eradication of disgusting Helplessness

A case on suicide, and some ways to help.

Due to the fact that a friend of mine nearly attempted suicide, I decided that this was something that I needed to write.   Depression is a false perception. It is also a comforting one. It is comforting in the way that it derides its users from having to do anything, because depression will tell… Continue reading A case on suicide, and some ways to help.