When you stop progressing

This title is a little misleading in the way that I under-exaggerated. Today, I actually decreased. I woke up at around 5:40 am today, felt great, and I was ready to take on the day. And as part of my morning routine to wake me up, I looked at my phone, and checked my notifications.… Continue reading When you stop progressing

Go Super Sayian:Make it Hard on yourself

A quick observation that I wanted to make. A little back story So I use to be a chef at a 2-Michelin star restaurant. I use to work behind/infront of hot girl for hours at a time, and I would work 12-16 hours a day. We would prep for the first 9 hours, and then… Continue reading Go Super Sayian:Make it Hard on yourself

Understanding your weaknesses

I have taken up a new endeavor. I have started to listen to keynotes while writing blog posts. I wanted to see how I could divide my attention during synthesis. And during my writing, I came to a realization about the process of attaining a new skill. The Innovation When we try to attain a… Continue reading Understanding your weaknesses

Why I choose to not have friends

“You’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with most”   It is inescapable. Whenever we meet/talk to people, we are affected in some way. Less in strangers, more in people. And if you want to make the quality of your life better and easier, you have to be strategic with who you… Continue reading Why I choose to not have friends

Accepting People for Who they are

Preface When it comes to relationships, there is nothing more essential to having a successful and fulfilling one, then accepting one another fully. Both partners need to be able to put aside their selfish expectations, and both need to stop projecting what they want, and they need to place each other before one another. The… Continue reading Accepting People for Who they are

The Importance of those Little Slips

I have found life to be very cyclical. I grow, I shrink, I grow, I shrink. And that is a unstoppable part of life, all I can hope for is that I am able to maximize the growth and minimize the shrinkage. And the growth is not always exponential, neither is the shrinkage. Sometimes the… Continue reading The Importance of those Little Slips

Expecting the bad things to come

So, I am the lower ends of my growth now on my youtube channel. A about a week ago, my growth was exponentially larger than what it is today, but I have to remind myself of a time when I was not experiencing any growth at all. There was a time where I would only… Continue reading Expecting the bad things to come