You Cannot Make the Universe Give a Shit about You.

Everybody has a sob story. Some time in their lives where everything seem to be going the wrong way. A time when this and then that happened, and you were just so down on your luck, that you might have even wondered why you were here. Everyone has that. Maybe you’re going through that right… Continue reading You Cannot Make the Universe Give a Shit about You.

When you do not want to keep going

There will be days when you are on fire. When you are motivated, when the stars seem to align for you, and working becomes a easy but passionate pursuit. I will not be talking about those days. Today, I will be talking about the days when you are not on fire. When you are not… Continue reading When you do not want to keep going

How I Keep Hustling

The reason why we catch ourselves procrastinating, or not working hard, it is because we have made it a habit to do so. This is something I learned from watching people that hustle, like Gary Vaynerchuck, when you are working, hustle your work. When you are resting, hustle your rest. If you keep switching gears… Continue reading How I Keep Hustling

Letting things take their time

So, I started my youtube channel about two months ago, and I now have about 40 subscribers(I wrote this a couple of weeks before, now that number is about 200, how far we have come!). My channel has been viewed about 8000 times, and I have released a little over 20 videos. Now, I can’t… Continue reading Letting things take their time