A Simple Challenge: Say the Truth

I am going to be taking a small mental break from the world of Dragon Ball Z, and will be writing about something that has been floating around in my head for a while. I have been diving deep into the lectures of Dr. Jordan Peterson, and one of the things he advises is that… Continue reading A Simple Challenge: Say the Truth

Drawing my own Manga Part 2

Please Watch the Video I made about my Process and Thoughts here! https://youtu.be/HRwqmndbwmo Please Enjoy So as I finished the storyboard and character development, I decided to go ahead and start the final project. First thing I had to do was draw the panels.  I didn’t have a ruler so I had to fold a… Continue reading Drawing my own Manga Part 2

Merry Christmas to all Simpletons!!

Merry Christmas to all of you Beautiful Simpletons!!! Hopefully you have finished the 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge Series, and now you can spend the day of giving with a new found spirit of gratitude, and appreciate those around you with the love that they deserve. I will keep this post short. Just make sure… Continue reading Merry Christmas to all Simpletons!!

12 Days of Gratitude Challenge Series!

In the light of Christmas slowly coming closer, I wanted to prepare for the season of giving by trying to spread the spirit of gratitude. Instead of expecting gifts, what if we didn’t expect anything, and anything we do get, we appreciate with all of our hearts, and fully embody a spirit of gratitude.  … Continue reading 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge Series!