How to Best Achieve Things

It’s a new year. This is the year that you decide to get back in shape and achieve your goals. Maybe you even write down your goals(something that is proven to increase your chances of success by more than 10 fold). Maybe you even write a detailed 10 step plan to achieve all your different… Continue reading How to Best Achieve Things

Enjoying Life Now

I was watching a video about celebrities talking about how wealth and fame did not bring them joy. And also, how when they achieved what they set out to achieve, when they found their ideal success, the joy in the achievement or the success was shallow. It was not as fulfilling as they thought it… Continue reading Enjoying Life Now

How to Get Over Jet Lag

This will be a much more straight forward piece, so this should be a much more easy read. Jet-Lag. Once┬ácoming back from a place you spent┬ámore than 3 weeks in with a 16 hour time difference, Jet-Lag should be expected. Now in order to get use to the new time schedule as soon as possible,… Continue reading How to Get Over Jet Lag

How to Develop Discipline: Building the Muscle that is Will Power

They say that will power depletes throughout the day. There has been studies, and it has been scientifically proven. Will power is seemingly finite, and if you make too many decisions at the beginning of the day, that donut at the end of your day will become more and more attractive. I don’t know if… Continue reading How to Develop Discipline: Building the Muscle that is Will Power