Eradication of disgusting Helplessness

If there is one thing I hate in life, then it is helplessness. I want to figure out what helplessness is, and where it comes from. When someone is helpless, it is not because they are literally incapable of doing something, but rather, they choose to believe that they are incapable of a feat. They… Continue reading Eradication of disgusting Helplessness

Mental Toughness

“Discipline equals freedom.” – Jocko Willink Having a solid character.Being hardcore. An immovable attitude. Being unstoppable. These are all attributes that most men would want. However, the biggest obstacle to achieving such attributes of personality is the generality of the goal.   You want to be hardcore, a solid character, unstoppable-great. What does that mean? What does… Continue reading Mental Toughness

Journal #1 My First Percent Better

I decided to wake up earlier, so I am starting at 7 am. I have consistently woken up at this time for the past 5(?) days. I have been getting a lot more done, and I have had a lot more free time.   I want to read at least 100 pages a day. And… Continue reading Journal #1 My First Percent Better