Drawing my own Manga Part 2

Please Watch the Video I made about my Process and Thoughts here! https://youtu.be/HRwqmndbwmo Please Enjoy So as I finished the storyboard and character development, I decided to go ahead and start the final project. First thing I had to do was draw the panels.  I didn’t have a ruler so I had to fold a… Continue reading Drawing my own Manga Part 2

In Effort to be Seen: The Artist’s Dilemma

In some way or another, every post I make, every video I upload, behind everything I do, it is all at least partially motivated to be seen. I want to provide value for people, and so whenever I share something, that intent is behind it. Now it’s all fine and dandy for someone to want… Continue reading In Effort to be Seen: The Artist’s Dilemma

A letter to the Doubtful Passionates

this was taken from a conversation I had with a good friend of mine, please check out her blog as well here~ I am not very much interested in the fashion, but her personal blog posts are some of the most powerful and wonderfully enlightening posts I have ever read. The conversation was about progress and… Continue reading A letter to the Doubtful Passionates

The Art of stARTing

The Trick Well if you had enough balls to get past the weird title, and you have begun to actually read the article, I must commend you. And sadly I might disappoint you. Why? Because there is no art to starting, instead there is just starting.   People stress over the start too much. They… Continue reading The Art of stARTing