Being Afraid of Helping Yourself

I had a very deep conversation with two people last night. I asked them the question, “Which parent’s love did you crave more?” (something I got from a podcast episode with Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins), and one of the guys I was talking to said something very thought provoking.   He was afraid to deal… Continue reading Being Afraid of Helping Yourself

How to stop taking life so Seriously

Symptoms Running away from the task at hand. Taking life too seriously.   Now if you are like me, you can’t really take a joke. Everything feels like an attack on who you are as a person, and so, you choose to get hurt or angry. And usually, by the end of the exchange, you… Continue reading How to stop taking life so Seriously

How to Study in the Ivy League

I go to the fourth best university in the world, according to this article(at that level though, every one is so good, that it’s impossible to compare). UC Berkeley is a great school, and I would like to share some tips on how to not only survive, but strive in a Ivy League school. Now… Continue reading How to Study in the Ivy League

Saying Goodbye~Why it’s okay to feel. . .pretty bad

As I am writing this, I am officially in a long distance relationship. I just came back from the airport and I had to say goodbye to my significant other.   It is not easy for me to cry. I find it very hard to cry, and when I want to cry, I just can’t.… Continue reading Saying Goodbye~Why it’s okay to feel. . .pretty bad

Having Creative Habits: How to Create like a Pro

When looking at professionals creators(artists, writers, etc), people that have their livelihood depend on their creativity, they have routines to continually harness their creativity.   Now let’s go to the ordinary creative. The people that depend on those lucky creative outbursts in order to be creative. They are slaves to circumstance, and most of them… Continue reading Having Creative Habits: How to Create like a Pro

Why I became a Youtuber

For the last couple of years, my life has revolved around a single idea, and that was “growth”. In the past 2 years, I learned Japanese and French, how to cook, developed habits such as reading, working out, and meditating, and, perhaps the most important of all, I learned how to deal with people. And… Continue reading Why I became a Youtuber