Mental Toughness

“Discipline equals freedom.” – Jocko Willink Having a solid character.Being hardcore. An immovable attitude. Being unstoppable. These are all attributes that most men would want. However, the biggest obstacle to achieving such attributes of personality is the generality of the goal.   You want to be hardcore, a solid character, unstoppable-great. What does that mean? What does… Continue reading Mental Toughness

The Art of not caring, and continually creating

When you’re trying to be a successful blogger, youtuber, ie Creative, you are continuously creating and publishing. And you will have videos/posts, that will do well, but you will also have videos/posts that won’t. And that is part of the daily grind.   The purpose to your creativity is to create, not be admired. You… Continue reading The Art of not caring, and continually creating

My First Blog Post: My Journey to Success

This blog holds the perspective of following someone before their success. Now the way I wrote that entails that success is inevitable, and I believe that. This intro blog post, although I have published 20 already, will explain to you what I am and doing.   What I am is easy. I am a man… Continue reading My First Blog Post: My Journey to Success

How to be your Authentic Self and Be Original on Youtube

Relevant if you have read my last blog post. Being true to your heart, and what you heart wants to voice through video. Love the video influencer channel, and I will definitely watch more.

Can’t have everything come from me, because I don’t know everything, so I am glad to share videos when I gain something from them.



Being Genuine over being viral

I am at a crossroad in my journey as a youtuber and blogger. If I wish to create the art that I want to, then I must accept the fact that my audience will not grow. The things that go viral have high value and trendy. I am neither of those things. . .yet.  … Continue reading Being Genuine over being viral