She’s There

So as promised, today’s post is a short story. It felt great to write something like this for you guys. I have been meaning to write one for so long. If you want more posts like this, please tell me in the comment section below, and of course, share it! Enjoy~ Cheers~ -Sam She’s There… Continue reading She’s There

What my Blog will be like from now on: A Formal Declaration

Recently, there has been a single reoccurring thought in my head. Now if you guys have been following my posts, then you know I have been releasing a post everyday. And I have been writing a blog post every day long before that as well. And I think that is great, I am getting a… Continue reading What my Blog will be like from now on: A Formal Declaration

A Case Study on Suicide: A friendly Contribution

Today’s┬ápost will be a lot different than my other posts. This post will not be written by me. Instead, I have invited a close friend of mine to write a post on a subject that we have talked numerous amount of times. It is difficult but necessary conversation, and I realized that he would be… Continue reading A Case Study on Suicide: A friendly Contribution

3 Simple tips to be more Creative

One of the most important things to my level of productivity, is my loyalty to my morning routine. I practically get everything done in the morning, and if I do not stick to it religiously, then my level of productivity suffers because of it.   We all need some sort of routine to get work… Continue reading 3 Simple tips to be more Creative

Eradication of disgusting Helplessness

If there is one thing I hate in life, then it is helplessness. I want to figure out what helplessness is, and where it comes from. When someone is helpless, it is not because they are literally incapable of doing something, but rather, they choose to believe that they are incapable of a feat. They… Continue reading Eradication of disgusting Helplessness

Letting things take their time

So, I started my youtube channel about two months ago, and I now have about 40 subscribers(I wrote this a couple of weeks before, now that number is about 200, how far we have come!). My channel has been viewed about 8000 times, and I have released a little over 20 videos. Now, I can’t… Continue reading Letting things take their time

The Art of Habitual Creativity

The image of the creative that lives like a hermit, the person that has an “aha!” moment, and then goes into hiding within the confines of his/her room or garage to create. However appealing this image may be to the common man, and I can’t lie, it is pretty romantic, but it also deludes people… Continue reading The Art of Habitual Creativity