Developing a Badass Attitude

I think one of the things that I am known for is my mental toughness. I am someone that needs to be challenged everyday, and I love the daily grind of trying to improve. I get excited by hardship, and giving up is not in my vocabulary. I was not always like this. This character… Continue reading Developing a Badass Attitude

Why I keep going with only 500 subscribers

A lot of people are wondering why I keep making videos. Not saying a lot of your guys, my simpletons haha, but rather my friends and peers. Although I am steadily growing, my numbers are not huge, and so a lot of the people around me see this as a waste of time or maybe… Continue reading Why I keep going with only 500 subscribers

Staring at a Wall

We all know how technology has greatly changed our lives, and as time progresses, the larger the impact it seems to have. I remember a couple years ago, when I was the only high schooler without a smart phone. I felt a strange sense of pride for not conforming. But one thing that was undeniable… Continue reading Staring at a Wall

Conquer Yourself: The “No-Bullshit” Inner Voice

I started reading a book called┬áLiving with a Seal by Jesse Itzler, and the basic premise is a guy that allows a navy seal to live in his house and be his personal trainer for a month. And although I am only a couple of chapters in, what is very relevant in this book is… Continue reading Conquer Yourself: The “No-Bullshit” Inner Voice

Fat is not Beautiful

What started out as a good idea has swung into the depths of pure madness-body positivity. This was a movement that started out to help young girls and women with eating disorders to get back into a healthy shape. And so, there was a huge cultural push of body positivity where we told the girls/women… Continue reading Fat is not Beautiful