There is always something you will be interested about.

There is always something to learn that you will be interested about, and want to actually learn. So whenever you find yourself watching a useless video, or some stupid reality tv show that will not make you a better/smarter or more accomplished person, understand that if you gave a little effort to finding that one… Continue reading There is always something you will be interested about.

Strategize Reality

One of the biggest problems with people that try to create a life strategy, or a game-plan, a business decision, or a business strategy, is that they forget to take one thing into consideration- reality. When people create a plan, whether it incorporates just the individual or other people, people assume that people will work… Continue reading Strategize Reality

Selling Yourself

One of the skills that we all need to develop is interviewing skills. We need to be able to sell ourselves effectively so that we don’t come off as too cocky or too humble. It is a tight rope of semantics, but here are a few tips that I had to cultivate through countless job… Continue reading Selling Yourself

How to get a woman. . .you deserve

Caution: if you’re easily offended please do not read this! Guys, let’s not kid ourselves. We all want to date that perfect girl; long legs, beautiful face, nice body, with a cute and sexy personality. But how many of us are men that women would equally crave after? I mean, it’s a simple thought, but… Continue reading How to get a woman. . .you deserve

Focusing on what is important in times of crisis

I always wanted to be able to write about how to deal with a crisis when I was actually going through one. Everything becomes clear in retrospect, but to actually breathe the advice you give, and to be able to maintain a clear mind within a battlefield, that is true mastery. The Crisis So I… Continue reading Focusing on what is important in times of crisis

“The Art of Asking” for help~

Many of you many not be aware, but I am Korean. And like most countries that were under foreign control, and gained back sovereignty, we have a lot of national pride. And it seems that national pride has somehow translated into regular pride. And the term “Korean Pride” no longer accounts for just nationality, but… Continue reading “The Art of Asking” for help~

Being Vulnerable to be Happy

One of the most important things in relationship is communication. Now we all know this, this is not anything new, and quite frankly, we are all tired of hearing this over and over. Well to be honest, this is something that I have had to learn the hard way, even though I went into the… Continue reading Being Vulnerable to be Happy