Strategize Reality

One of the biggest problems with people that try to create a life strategy, or a game-plan, a business decision, or a business strategy, is that they forget to take one thing into consideration- reality. When people create a plan, whether it incorporates just the individual or other people, people assume that people will work… Continue reading Strategize Reality

Say No! to almost everything ; P

DISCLAIMER: STRONG FUCKING LANGUAGE There are certain things that we do in our daily lives that restrict our creativity. Well, to be more specific, we waste our creativity.   So what do I mean? Well, everyday we refill our creative tanks, or what is better known as mental energy. Some of us can study for… Continue reading Say No! to almost everything ; P

Getting the Important Things Done

When it comes to being productive and spending your creative energy throughout the day, you want to invest your energy in the most important tasks, so that you can produce the highest level of work. However, sometimes we get lost in our own little worlds and we don’t know what we should focus on. Well… Continue reading Getting the Important Things Done

When you stop progressing

This title is a little misleading in the way that I under-exaggerated. Today, I actually decreased. I woke up at around 5:40 am today, felt great, and I was ready to take on the day. And as part of my morning routine to wake me up, I looked at my phone, and checked my notifications.… Continue reading When you stop progressing

How to Recover from a Creative Burn out in 1 Minute.

I was recently working on an essay that I was just absolutely dreading. I usually get mentally fatigued within about 45 mins-1 hour. And if I am really in the zone, and I am passionate about what it is I am doing, then sometimes I never burn out. However, in this case I burned out… Continue reading How to Recover from a Creative Burn out in 1 Minute.

How to get a woman. . .you deserve

Caution: if you’re easily offended please do not read this! Guys, let’s not kid ourselves. We all want to date that perfect girl; long legs, beautiful face, nice body, with a cute and sexy personality. But how many of us are men that women would equally crave after? I mean, it’s a simple thought, but… Continue reading How to get a woman. . .you deserve

Go Super Sayian:Make it Hard on yourself

A quick observation that I wanted to make. A little back story So I use to be a chef at a 2-Michelin star restaurant. I use to work behind/infront of hot girl for hours at a time, and I would work 12-16 hours a day. We would prep for the first 9 hours, and then… Continue reading Go Super Sayian:Make it Hard on yourself