Story-time: My First Time Being Homeless

I just want to get better at telling stories, so I thought this would be a great place to get feedback with very low risk. And so, without further ado, here is the story of my first encounter with homelessness. The year was around 1999-2001. I was around 4-6 years old. I grew up in… Continue reading Story-time: My First Time Being Homeless

Why You Can’t be TOP from BIG BANG

Now this is just going to sound like a lot of wannabe, young professional bs, so bare with me for a sec, but I am going to talk about branding. A lot of us look up at celebrities, whether it be Bruno Mars, Oprah, Leonardo DiCaprio, or in my case, ┬áBig Bang’s TOP, and think… Continue reading Why You Can’t be TOP from BIG BANG

The Weirdest Day of My Life

I have had the unique experience of going back to the places where I felt the most hate, the most pain, and the most suffering. Although I did come here willingly, my mind was in shambles with all of the arguments that were running through my head. I do not know how to comprehend what… Continue reading The Weirdest Day of My Life

Undoing the Damage of Pornography

I am sorry, but this post will deal with specifically male problems. Forgive me ladies, but I am also a man, and so in order to be completely transparent, I must be who I am, and that is a man. But this should not bar you from reading on, because there are many gems throughout… Continue reading Undoing the Damage of Pornography

Sam’s Principals to Life

I was recently advised to make an exact ┬álist of principals by an extremely great and honorable man. I was interested by the idea, and so I told myself that I would get on it. However, principals always change and evolve over time. They do this, because we are not perfect, and so our morals… Continue reading Sam’s Principals to Life