Society’s Search for a Group to Belong to

It seems that it is inescapable that within society, we wish to divide amongst ourselves and form groups of like-minded individuals. Traditionally, those groups were the states that we came from, the religions that we shared, but today, it seems as though those traditional ideas that allowed us to unite have been rejected.

Today, Millennials are anti-religion(unless its muslim), anti-patriotic, and some are even going against the sanctity of marriage.

The past couple of years, I fell under this category. For the longest time, I considered myself an atheist, or at least an agnostic, I was not a very patriotic person, but I always was for marriage. However, as I have given these things more thought, my position/stance on the topics have slightly changed.

I’m not saying I believe in any religion, but I now realize what they provided.

If you look at society today, there has been a rise in name calling and forcefully affiliating people with groups. If you look at the liberals, if I were to disagree with the idea that the sexes are equal, or that all sex is rape, or that gender is fluid, than I would immediately be called a misogynist, a sexist, and if I was white, I would have been called a white supremacist.

Conversely, if I were to disagree with the uber conservatives, I would have been called a pussy, or a stupid liberal.

This never happened in the past. Political correctness, or politics itself has gained a huge resurgence into the spotlight, and I believe it is because of the dissolution of religion, and other traditional groups that large quantities of people belonged to.

If you were born from the 1900’s to the 1950’s, you belonged to your church, your neighborhood, and your family. You had a group to belong to, you had boundaries that you knew how to cross, and it was obvious who you associated with, and who you belonged to.

If you were born during the 1800’s, you identified with your state. It was all about advancing the rights of your fellow statesmen, and making your state the best.

If you were born in the 80’s/90’s, these boundaries are becoming less and less prevalent. Young adults no longer wish to identify with the traditional boundaries, and have therefore rejected them. But because they rejected those boundaries, their natural urge to belong to a group compels them to join together. However, it is not enough to just be part of a group, it has to be established, like the Presbyterian church, or the Baptist church, or the Catholic church. And if you try to establish such a group, you need an enemy. The problem here is that often times they do not have an obvious enemy to rally against, and so they make anyone that even slightly disagrees with them into evil, outdated, misogynistic pigs.

I believe the hate speech, the name calling, the political correctness, the disturbing amount of slutty behavior, and any other negative reaction is all a cry for an institution, a group, a banner to form under where young adults can feel like they belong and have purpose.

As I look around at my peers, and even those that are older than me, I have come to a single realization. We are all going the same direction. . .Lost.

We have no idea what we are doing. We delude ourselves by filling up our schedules, and trick ourselves into thinking that being busy and having purpose is one and the same thing. We’re so afraid of being ourselves, because we believe that if we have nothing to do that we are failing. Social media has tricked us into thinking that we always have to be doing something amazing, and if you’re not having fun, surrounding yourself with beautiful people, or have an instagram worthy lifestyle, than you are a waste, that you should try to be more likable.

I don’t know what my purpose is, but I know that being alone, and not having anything to do is not a failure. We have to learn how to be by ourselves, because that is the only way we can love ourselves. Not only do we have to learn how to be by ourselves, but we have to learn how to enjoy being by ourselves. What have you done for yourself lately? It seems we are doing everything for everyone else. For our followers, our friends, but what have we done for ourselves, and ourselves alone?

You’re pretty amazing, and you don’t have to prove that to anybody. Just enjoy you. You won’t be here forever, why waste time even thinking of whether someone who DOES NOT MATTER will give you a thumbs up or a heart? Fuck that. Fuck Them. You do you. Get better. Then Conquer. That’s human.

It’s that simple,



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