Waking up at the Hospital

Now, I apologize in advance for the title, because it is a clickbait one. I am fine. My grandfather was in the hospital, and I have been visiting him for the past 2 days, and these are some of the thoughts that I had while there, and leaving there.

There is a saying that I remember reading online somewhere,

“A hospital has seen more honest prayers than a church”.

I love my grandfather. To me, he is more than a father-figure, he was my own personal definition of Unconditional love. I can not express how important the man is to me.

And so this hospital visit was one of duty for the absolute debt that I feel towards this man. However, while I was taking care of him, assisting him, and the other staff that were at the hospital, I kept my mind open, and I tried to absorb everything. I know that no one lives forever, and I was making sure that I was in the moment.

Besides just enjoying the presence of that great man, I came out of the hospital with something else-perspective.

As I was driving back home, I looked around and saw people living their lives. I saw men trying to impress women with nice cars and clothes, I saw women driving around with men in nice cars, while themselves being dressed in very nice clothing. Now I was in Los Angeles, a place known for its looks and beauty, but in that instance, I just saw through everything, and I saw how pointless it all was.

What you drive, what you wear, it is of no consequence.

All that matters is who you are.

Sure you’re rich, you have a nice car, a beautiful spouse, a beautiful house, a wondrously luxurious lifestyle, but are you a good person. I wonder how they made their money? I wonder if it was because of their personality or in-spite of it? I wonder why they made that money?

Now I am not anti-wealth, I want to be extremely wealthy, but I feel as though I have forgotten why I want to be wealthy, or why I SHOULD want to be wealthy. It is so easy to lose ourselves in this world. We forget that we are not in this world for ourselves, bur for each other. We are supposed to be the best that we can, so that we can help others along the way, and provide an example for those that are to come.

IS that love? I don’t know. But I think it is at least a part of the truth.

Going to the hospital, I feel, is good for the soul, because its a reality check. It forces you to ask yourself if you are doing the right thing. If your priorities are where they should be. If you are where you should be. If you are thinking the way you should be.

One of the practices of stoicism is to meditate on one’s death, and the death of others.

Give it a try, and check yourself. It’s that simple,



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