To Preoccupy One’s Self

I have found myself with the distinct opportunity to learn whatever I want for the next couple of months. I am at a lost, because of how much freedom I have. I try to fill my days, but I still feel pretty bored.

I am using this blog to bring some clarity into what I can do about my situation.

I would like to learn another language. Since it takes on average about 3 months for me to learn a language, I should be able to do so easily, the only difficult part will be sticking with it, and maintaining discipline with the task.

I would also like to read more. On average I read about 2 books a week, I use to read 3-5, and so I would like to go back to that level.

I would also like to journal more and be more introspective, as well as give my brain new ways to be creative.

I would like to learn more about biology and neurology(basically more of how the body works).

Now in order to accomplish this, there are some main points that I need to hit, in order to assure that I do not crash and burn.

For every goal I want to accomplish, I should set an active and inactive way to accomplish my daily goals.

So for learning a new language, an active way to accomplish the goal could be learning new vocabulary, a passive way would be to watch a entertaining video in that language.

The purpose for this is that I will have ways to fall back on during the times I am too tired or lazy to do any active goals. Instead of watching youtube videos for an hour to relax, I can watch videos that are in my target language so that my time will not be wasted.

So for learning the new language

Active: Researching common words, phrases, and translating sentences.

Passive: Watching anime, youtube videos, and reading comic books in the target language.


Active: Actually reading a book, audiobook, or article.

Passive: Reading smaller articles or going on reddit and looking at more easily consumable articles. Could also be reading simple comic books.


Active: Actually journaling

Passive: Meditative breathing for 10 seconds at a time

Learning about the body:

Active: Reading books, taking notes, doing research

Passive: Watching youtube videos on the subjects.


Notice how a lot of these goals can overlap, like how I can journal in my target language, or read books about the body, or read books about the body in my target language, or watch videos about a book, or about the body in my target language with English subtitles.

There are a lot of things that you can do to hack your goals.

Just make sure you write them down, and actually try to hack them.

It’s that simple,



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