My Battle with Phone Addiction

After rewatching a Simon Sinek video, I realized that I had a n addiction to my smart phone. Like a drug addict, I felt compelled to go to my drug of choice, my phone. And for the last week, I have been actively combating my urges, and have been fairly successful so far. Here are a couple of things that I have been doing to fight my addiction.

  1. Leave my phone in the car when I am about to meet with a friend.
    Too often we take our phones and leave them out on the table when we are with our friends, or even worse, we look at out phones while we are talking to each other. It pisses me off, and so in order to no be a hypocrite, I leave my phone in the car. And the best way to stop an addiction is to rid any possibility to fall back on to it. Like how the first thing an alcoholic must do is get rid of all the liquor in the house, I got rid of the phone.
  2. Make sure that when I am doing a task, such as writing a blog post, studying, or anything else, not to check my phone.
    Best way to do this is to hide your phone under a pillow, so that when at the beginning you naturally turn to look at your phone, it is hidden away.
  3. When I drive, I do not let myself check my phone until I have arrived at my destination.
  4. And if for reason I do check my phone, and there is a message, or anything that I need to reply to, I wait until I have arrived at my destination.

The reasoning for this is that they can wait. Whatever it is, it can wait. It is dangerous to text and drive, but it is also a test of self-control. Whenever you get a notification on your phone, your brain releases dopamine, the same chemical that is released for drug addicts, alcoholics, and gambling addicts. In other words, every time you check your phone when it gives you a notification, you are taking a drug hit.

And you might be thinking right about now that being on your phone is harmless, but think closely of what being on your phone trains your mind to do. It is no wonder that the rate of adhd diagnoses have increased by 60%, it is not that our minds have become worse dramatically in 10 years, but that our brains have become adapted to a culture of instant gratification.

If you want to know something? Google it.

If you want to listen to something? Youtube

You want a date? Tinder

You want to talk to a friend? You don’t even call anymore, you just send them a text.

Phone addiction does not cause physical decay, like drugs or alcohol. It causes social decay. You become dependent on comfortable and easy routes to communicating, and that type of communication is unfulfilling. You can never be satisfied, because it is too easy.

It is the difference between a thoughtfully written email and a handwritten letter.

The email is just too easy.

It’s that simple,



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