Women’s Hypergamy, Sexual Market Place Value, and hitting the Wall

There was a published UCLA study conducted with a study group of 27,600 heterosexual people, and out of that study came an answer to a simple question, “Beauty or Financial stability?”. And as many of you might know, the majority of men chose beauty, where the majority of women chose financial stability.  [all links are down below]

Men value attraction over stability, whereas women value stability over attraction. And this makes sense, if you agree with the idea that the sexes are complimentary, rather than equal.

If both men and women chose attraction over stability, then there would be no stability, and humanity would cease to exist, because we would all be a bunch of risk takers. If both men and women chose stability over attraction, then there would be no improvement, no drive, nothing truly innovative would occur.

A powerful image that will better illustrate what I am trying to say is the phenomenon of war brides, the women that go on to marry the men that would invade their cities, tribes, or villages during times of war, where there husbands would have been slaughtered. If the women were like the men, and decided to fight their captors, instead of submitting, then civilization would cease to exist, and our history as a species would have been a lot shorter. These war brides cooperate, and even fall in love with their captors, all out of an evolutionary will to survive, and to pass on their genes. Which is the base of genetic evolution, or all evolution.

It is a natural tendency for woman to choose financial security, and to desire to marry up over marry someone that is only beautiful. Of course, looks are important, and if given the choice, any woman would choose the hot, sexy, loyal 30 year old multi-millionaire over any 70 year old multi-millionaire(hopefully), but sadly life is never so black and white. I can get into the nitty-gritty as to how this affects women’s dating habits, and the negative side effects that hypergamy can bring, but for the sake of today’s post’s length, just understand that women are naturally hypergamous.

Sexual Market Place Value (SMP)

Now, the second key factor that women need to understand is that men and women age very differently. Women hit their prime at a younger age than men. On average, based on how heterosexual men’s standards of beauty, a woman is the most beautiful at around age 23. After age 23, there will be a plateau, and then a decline, which can be delayed and lulled with proper exercise, skin care, and diet.

Now the wall is a term that has been coined recently, and it is a reaction from an innocent idea that blew things out of proportion. Out of the desire to gain equality, women began to tell themselves that they can have it all at once, the education, the career, AND the happy family. Of course this is not impossible, but not enough respect was given to the difficulty of the task.

This all has to do with biology. So as you know, about every 3-4 weeks, your body will drop an egg, and you will be on your period. This process will continue all the way until you hit menopause(around your 50’s), and you will cease to be able to naturally have children, of course the age varies from woman to woman, but this is the average case. However, the quality of the egg, the level of fertility declines as you age. It is a small, but consistent decline until the age of 35, and then a sharp decline occurs. That’s not all, with your declination, comes a sharp increase in the likelihood of birth defects, such as down syndrome. And the older you get, the higher the likelihood, at age 25, the likelihood is 1 in 1200, by age 35, the likelihood is 1 in 350 that you will have a child with down syndrome.


Now the wall is a combination of the last 2 ideas that I have just presented. The wall is when a woman that has attempted to have it all(career, education, and family) hit the age of 30, and see that they were not the minx that they once were. After trying to get an advanced degree(MA, MBA, PHD, MD, etc), while not dating seriously, and then trying to advance their careers, while of course straining from having children, because that will lull them, after all that, they look at the mirror and they are taken aback. They look at younger 23 year olds, and see that they can no longer compete, and so a sense of desperation and sometimes depression sets in, and this is when they start to get married as soon as possible. For further explanation, I have provided a link down below that gives first hand accounts of 4 women that describe what it was like for them to hit the wall.

Women see that their place on the sexual market place value is falling fast, and so while they still can, they get the best that they can. This is where, out of the desperation, women will settle. Where they will choose stability over attraction, and choose beta males that will listen to their every whim over alpha males that will provide them with more excitement.


Now you may be asking yourself, “What is so wrong about that?”. Well, I want the women to know this, so that if they do decide to go down the road where they try to have everything, that they better accept the fact that they may end up 30, and realize that all of sudden they’re middle aged. If you want to have children, maybe you should think about marrying early, or earlier. If you are deadset about having a career, then save some money, and freeze some of your eggs. I just want you guys to navigate the world with a more honest perspective, because I believe that popular culture and society has painted the female life in a dishonest way.

And like when you discover truths about yourself that you do not like, you can change them. When it comes to hypergamy, you can combat the aspects that you don’t like, and keep the ones that you do. But you would have never been able to do so, if you never knew about the concept. It is in your nature, yes, but as humans, we can override our nature with logic and consistent practice. There are absolutely good sides to hypergamy, and there are absolutely bad ones as well.

Question whether you have the right data, question your own beliefs, especially the ones that you KNOW are true. They are the ones that can hurt you.

It’s that simple,







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