Be as Dangerous as Possible

Today’s society has taken a great idea, and has effectively taken taken a shit on it.

The idea that I am talking about is. . .


Instead of pushing individuals to reach the level of those above them, the world wants us to fall to our lowest common denominator. The only problem is that it will never work, and you will be doing is oppressing the individuals that want more out of life, and you will also be making the people at the bottom feel worse, because they understand(hopefully) that what they are experiencing is not true equality.

It has been understood that when you give out participation trophies that it has a negative effect on the children that receive them. The kids that won the 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd place trophies feel like their achievements are worth less, and the kids that receive know inherently that their trophies are worthless.

It seems like everything is blamed on men, and masculinity has become portrayed as toxic, and something that should be suppressed or eliminated. The sad thing is that there are men that actually agree. And the fundamental reason that they agree is because they want be loved, respected, and ultimately, laid.

I am talking about the Nice Guy. The individual that will be dishonest just so that people will like them, and they will get what they want. These wimpish guys that prefer to have female friends over male friends, because they are “jerks”, or just too much for them to handle.

I use to be one of these guys. I would shower girls with gifts, compliments, and acts of service, while pretending that I was doing all this out of the goodness of my conscience, when in reality I was trying to seduce them and make them fall for me. It was only until I had my heartbroken, and gone through some pretty significantly traumatic moments of my life, where I had realized that I had to put my priorities on a pedestal, instead the priorities of everyone else.

People are getting weaker, and the only reason why is because we live in good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times. Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.

People live a sheltered life style where it is okay for them to be weak and weaken, but that sheltered life is protected by strong men and women that are fighting and dying for your right to be weak. However, that number is dwindling, and if we allow this to continue, there will be no longer any strong men or women to protect this country. And do you think the weak, out of shape, pathetic, perpetual victim-hood individuals that live in the country will be able to protect this country? Men and women that are so anti-violent, when they have never experienced true violence?

It is better to be a warrior in a garden, then a gardener in a war. And the war is coming.

You can be anti-violence, but do not think because you are anti-violence, that you are then immune to violence. Be prepared for it.

I am anti-violence. I think violence should only be used as a last resort, but I have been in over 2000 fights. Why? Because I am not so ignorant to think that just because I am against violence, that there will never be an individual that will think differently, and may even want to hurt me.

There is evil in this world. Evil that can not be debated. Evil that can not be reformed. Do you know how you destroy it? By DESTROYING it.  You have to KILL it. You have to be VIOLENT.

There is evil in this world. There are terrorists that pour acid on girl’s faces just for going to school. They rape boys and girls younger than you, use them as sex slaves, and then use them as human shields against artillery/gun fire.

They can not be reasoned with, and the only way the will stop is by KILLING them.

It is okay to be anti-violence, guns, whatever, but do not take the option off the table for yourself, when everyone else has the option. Prepare for war, be the warrior in the garden, who is always ready for battle.

It’s that simple,


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