Honesty is the Best Policy

If you guys remember my A Simple Challenge: Say the Truth blog post, I talked about not lying ever, and the negative effects of telling lies. I gave a lot of reasons as to why being honest is the best policy, but the more honest I become, the more I realize how true that statement is.

The place that I have found it to be very true is in dating.

As I look back into all the dates I have been on, when I was trying to get better with women, and when I finally achieved some amount of skill, I realized that I had become more honest.

Most men are not good with women, because they are not honest about their intentions. We call this person, “The Nice Guy”. These are boys and rarely men who think of themselves as the white knights for women. They think that service will get them laid.

They will talk to girls as friends, and then go out of their way with grand gestures of romanticism thinking that their thoughtfulness will make the girl fall for them, and therefor achieving to have sex with them. The deception comes from the fact that these “nice guys” will not tell women that they are doing this to have sex with them. Instead, whenever they do these nice acts or gestures, they will try to paint an image that they are doing it out of the goodness of their own heart.

This will keep going, until the nice guy believes that he has done more than enough to win the girl over, and often times the nice guy will call the girl out. The girl will be then taken aback, because she had no idea, because the guy made no effort to let her know that he wanted her.

And once he FINALLY becomes honest about his intentions, the girl will react either of 2 ways. Let’s just be friends or with disgust from the fact that they have been lying the whole time.

I was like this with my first love.

However, as I pushed myself more and more, and got better and better, I realized that the first step is to let the woman know that you want them as a man would want a woman– honesty.

Sometimes I even say, “I want you as a man would want a woman”.

These are all actual quotes

I have also said,

“I thought you were cute, and had to say hi”

“You’re cute. had to say hi”

“I want to have sex with you”

As a man, this makes me instantly more attractive, because it shows that I have balls. That I am a man, and that I do not care if you reject me, I will be honest no matter what. Now of course being honest does not guarantee that you will get with the man/woman, but it saves you time and energy. Instead of spending weeks going on dates, spending money on food, drinks, or movies, and then finally at the end finding out that he/she was never interested, I would much rather find out from the start.

There are literally too many fish in the sea, so if the person is not right. . .NEXT!!!

Be honest not just as a moral policy, but a strategic mating policy(lol).

It’s that simple,


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