Preparing Yourself for the Call of Duty

The thoughts of enlisting have been running through my mind lately. I am still on the fence if I am going to do it, but I am definitely leaning towards doing so. Now even though I am not quite sure as to what I will do, I am still preparing IF I do.

As men and women, we should all be prepared for the worst, to be called to protect and serve. I believe that everyone should strive to be the strongest they can be(both physically and mentally). And with that, I believe that the strong have a duty to protect the weak.

Which is ultimately why being out of shape is unacceptable. If you need more reason to be healthy and fit, then understand that you being out of shape does not just hurt you(even though that should be reason enough), but it also hurts your country. I would not want to depend on someone that could not run at least a 7 minute mile. I would not feel secure to depend on someone if they could not do any pull ups.

I am holding myself to a standard, because if the time should come that I enlist, become an officer, or if there is a draft, I will be ready.

I recommend that you ask yourself the same question. Will you be ready?

For the part of the military that I want to join, these are the competitive physical requirements.

100 push ups within 2 minutes.

100 sit ups within 2 minutes

20 Pull ups, indefinite time period, but you have to stay hanging on the bar the whole time.

500 yard swim in 8 minutes

1.5 mile run in 9 minutes.

Now this does not have to be your standard, but you should have one that is challenging. Not just for you, but for anybody. Do not try to be impressive to non-impressive people. Be impressive among impressive people.

Establish a standard, and get after it.

It’s that simple,



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