Serving One’s Country

I have been thinking about enlisting quite a lot lately. For the longest time, I have felt this need/desire/guilt to serve. I understand how lucky I am to be living in the United States, as well as how many opportunities that I have for this country, and the fact that there is evil out in the world that want nothing but to end my country’s way of life, pisses me off.

The fact that countless numbers of men and women have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. It pushes me to work harder, to not complain, to keep going. However, at some point, I felt like I should be doing something as well. I feel as though the strong have a responsibility to protect the weak. I would be lying to myself if I called myself weak. I told myself that I would enlist right away if we were in times of War, but even now, I still want to.

The only problem that I have is the fact that the program that I want to join would force me to serve for 6 years. That is a very long time. There is so much that I want to do in life, and I feel as though I have so little time to do it.

The way that I am going at it is making sure that the option is always on the table, and so I am going to train to make sure that if I do decide to enlist, that I will not be dropped, and that I will be able to make it through. And if I do decide to not go, I will be in top physical shape.

This is quite the big decision for me, and I feel a bit cornered as to what I will be able to do. Just keep swimming.

On a separate note, one thing that has been helping me a lot is writing to myself reminders everyday of certain moral attributes that I desire. One of the many that I write is, “Do not tell lies”. After writing it for months, every time I am about to lie to someone or myself, that phrase fills up my head, and it stops me from lying.

It is a very powerful technique, and if there is an attribute that you desire, try to remind yourself everyday when you wake up. You got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

It’s that simple,



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