How to Peer Pressure Yourself to Succeed

One of the hardest things to achieve and a key characteristic that you should be looking for within your group of friends is peer pressure. Not just any kind of peer pressure, but peer pressure that pushes you to do the right things. The things that are hard but will make you a better person.

All friend groups have peer pressure, but you want to surround yourself with friends that will pressure you to be the best person that you can be, and that will push you to do things that will make you a better person.

Yesterday, I was with two other friends of mine, and I was talking about a decision that I was struggling with. I was surprised by how they reacted. They were peer pressuring me in an amazingly supportive but also brutal way. Brutal in the sense that they were honest with what they thought, and told me straightforwardly that I should not limit myself, and that I should go for it.

When making new friends, or checking your old friends, you should ask yourself, “Does the group challenge me to become a better person?”.

Now an important distinction to make, and something that a lot of people will mistake themselves with is not tricking yourself with the progress you made by yourself. Meaning, not falsely equating your progress with your friends. For example, let’s say you started to develop a reading habit. If none of your friends read, or if none of them pushed you to read, then you can not say that they helped you become better in that way.

Because of how nice people are, when they try to be brutally honest about their friends, they will often attribute false positives onto their friends because they want to remain friends with them. In the end, you are only hurting yourself.

It can also be argued that you sticking with them is hurting them as well, because you are condoning their behavior of being non-supportive or not progressing in life.

Ask yourself if you have a friend group that is using peer pressure to make you a stronger person. If you are not progressing, or if you’re acting weak, you want a friend group that will make you feel uncomfortable and push you to be stronger.

If you can get such a group of friends, you will grow exponentially more than you would have if you were by yourself.

It’s that simple,



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