Stop Getting in Your Own Way

If there is a problem in your life, something that you think you should be deeply ashamed of, DEAL WITH IT. It is these types of problem that we try to hide away under our thoughts that destroy us in the end.

I see a lot of guys that are afraid to talk to girls, or have some sort of traumatic experience with women that they are deeply embarrassed by, and in turn, instead of trying to get better, they become bitter or they put on a false persona.

We all know these types of people. The person that will brag about their “sexcapades”(if they ever happened).

Think of fat people. They are so ashamed of how much they have let themselves go that they are too embarrassed to go work out, and sometimes, just go out in public. What kind of mind-trap is that?

Understand that weakness, the thing that is telling you to hide, it is not helping you. You will only feed the issue and make it bigger and bigger. Deal with your insecurities, they are THE BIGGEST ROADBLOCK.

When I was younger, one of the biggest setbacks for me was my appearance. I was not attractive, I did not like my body, and this prevented me from being myself, taking risks, and talking to people. And whenever I did take those risks, I never felt comfortable, and so I came off as insecure. OF COURSE I DID.

I do not know why when people first try something that they expect to be great right off the bat. If you have never tried to talk to a stranger, guess what? You’re going to suck. If you never worked out before, guess what? You’re body is going to hurt like hell, you are going to hate it. Which leads to the next roadblock, wrong expectations.

Whenever you are going to try to kill an insecurity, or anything new. Have the right expectations. If you are fat and never worked out before, and all of sudden you are going to start. You are going to put your body under a type of stress that it has never received before. It will hurt in the morning, but do it for a week, and it will start hurting less and less, until you just get use to the pain. I workout something like 18-21 times a week, I am always sore, but my body is use to the demand and so it works on a much higher level than most.

You’re body will produce what you demand from it. If you are not asking much, you won’t get much.

It’s that simple,


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