Honesty is Attractive

One of the biggest lies that society has told us is that when it comes to dating or flirting, we should first hide our intentions to the people we are trying to court, because we do not want to come off as too brash.

A man should never straight out tell a woman that he is attracted to her and wants her as a man should want a woman.

A woman should never straight out tell a man that she wants him as a woman should want a man.

You don’t want to sound too forward right? What if you scare them away?

One of the strongest realizations that I had and learned was that being honest about my intentions is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes me insanely more attractive to the other person. When I come up to a woman and tell her exactly what I want, it not only shows that I am an honest person, but it also reveals that I am a confident person that knows that they want, a Man that is unafraid to go after what he desires. Is it antagonizing to do so? Absolutely. A man should be antagonizing, there should be a risk factor.

Too many males today are too soft, and there is nothing dangerous about them. This type of weak behavior is not only bad for their dating lives, but it is also bad for humanity itself, but let’s not go there just yet haha. If a male does not have a risk factor, then he will just be a safe choice, “husband” material. Someone a woman will settle for after having enjoyed their 20’s, and being into their 30’s. This male is what we call the “White Knight”.

Do not be a “white knight”, its just gross.

The same goes for a woman. A woman that is not honest, will not only not get what they want, but they will also feel social backlash for their dishonesty. Just like how a dishonest man will either get friendzoned or be called a misogynistic pig, a dishonest female will face similar social strife.

When a woman is dishonest, they will either get ignored, or they will be called a whore. When there is a man that they are attracted to, but do not be honest with their intentions, then they face the risk of being misunderstood, and the man moving onto a woman that is more upfront with her attraction. If a woman is dishonest with a man that they are not attracted to, then they will continue their dishonesty until they reach their breaking point with a male, and after telling the man off, the man will then go out in anger, and will often criticize you behind your back.

All of this can be dodged by honesty.

Honesty is not only good for your game, it’s good for your life.

It is life’s policy to success.

It’s amazing how the things we learned when we were a kid actually are true.

Be honest.

It’s that simple,



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