Don’t Fit In

When I was a child, one of the biggest mistakes that I ever made was trying to fit in. Now I know that trying to fit in is a necessary skill to simply function in society, but I was trying to fit in long after I knew how.

I believe that one should try to fit in, only to the extent in which they learn proper social manners, and notice social cues so that they are not awkward or rude. But after you know how to function in society, you should stop there.

I tried to fit in well into my teens, after I knew how to function. I was with people that I did not necessarily like. We were friends, we had laughs, but I just did not feel like I could be myself around them.

Today, I am very true to myself, and people are naturally attracted to me, because they can feel my individuality. Of course, I scare people from time to time, because of how unrelentingly honest I am, but it is a much better position to be in, then the blend in with the crowd and to never amount to anything.

If you already know how to operate and be seen as a normal person, then start being true to yourself. Push yourself, be better.

Fitting in is a worthless pursuit, that will only lead to mediocrity.

It’s that simple,



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