3 Different 1 month challenges that you should try

There are so many ways to instill discipline. However, one of the things that trip people up is how they approach doing so. Let’s say that they wanted to start doing martial arts or crossfit to work out. Well if they approach it like, “Yeah, I am going to this every week forever”, what happens when they take a vacation or if they get sick and miss a week?

Now some of you might say, they just go back the next week. But it is often times, when people clash with their promises, before making something into a habit, let’s say they workout for a month, and then they miss a weak, they are highly likely to not come back, if they worded their goal the wrong way.

This is where the 1 month challenge comes in. This is not how I always create my goals, but this is a tactic that I often use. Why? I have a set time. It is only a month, so in my mind, no matter how challenging the goal is, I know that after the month I can just stop doing what I have decided to do.

Since it is for the month, I am less likely to make reasons for myself to skip a day, because I can stop after a month. And because it is a challenge, I can invite other friends to do the challenge with me, and I will have the peer pressure and support of other people.

Here are 3 easy challenges that you should give a try. You can do them one after another, or all at once, or you can mix it up!

  1. No sugary drinks.
    For one month, do not drink anything with sugar. No soda, no vitamin water, no orange juice, nothing with sugar.
    You will be amazed at how much more even-keeled you will feel throughout the day because you will not be spiking and crashing from the sugar.
  2. No Alcohol.
    I love wine. I love reds, and I can drink that all day, however, after a month of not drinking it, you will be surprised by how much lighter and cleaner you will feel. It will also allow for easier sleep, and give you better sleep cycles with more REM sleep.
  3. No Masturbating.
    This one is for men. For one month, abstain from watching any porn, and just go dry for a month. Sex is okay, just no porn.
  4. Cold Showers.
    I added another one, because 3 was only for men. Everybody knows the health benefits of cold showers. You can take a hot shower and then at the end turn on the cold for at least 1 minute. It will do wonders for your sleep, and overall energy.

Try this stuff out, tell me how it goes, and you might find that one or two of these will become part of your daily life.

It’s that simple,




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