One Habit of mine that always keeps me on track

Nobody is perfect. A cop-out, but a true one. And this applies to me as well. The more simpletons that I talk to, the more of an impression I get that you guys think I am some robot that never makes mistakes. It’s flattering, it’s hilarious, it’s not true. I have times when I procrastinate. I waste time, I get lazy, I stay unproductive like everybody. However, I have systems in place to minimize the damage.

I understand how I work and learn on a deep level. I understand what distracts me. I spend years on just learning how to learn, and so I am reaping the rewards of that. However, there is one single technique that I use that has been more simple, and yet, as powerful as any other.

In stoicism, there is practice where you meditate on your own death. This does a lot of things, but one of the desired effects is to understand that you are mortal, that you do have a limited amount of time, and that your time is the most precious commodity that you have. It instills an innate level of gratitude that I believe is key to success.

Now, I’m not going to recommend to you to spend 10 minutes everyday just sitting alone, crisscross applesauce, with your eyes closed. Nobody would listen to that advice. Instead, I am going to tell you what I do.

I listen to the Jocko Willink Podcast. This is a podcast about the darkness. It is about death, war, tragedy, the horrors of humanity, but it is also about the great light that counteracts that great darkness. It talks about heroes. People that become more than themselves, and transcend the evil that surrounds them.

It gives me perspective on how lucky I am, and how I have nothing to complain about. It reminds me to live my life to the fullest, not for myself, but for those who sacrificed their lives to give me this opportunity. The podcast gives me a more accurate perspective on the world. And I think we all can use a little more accuracy in our lives.

Give it a try. You might like what you find.

It’s that simple,



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