Not Serving in the Military

One of my most nagging thoughts, one of the things that I always hold against myself is that I am not serving in the military. As a man, and a proud American, I feel as though I have a duty to protect and serve my country. One of the biggest reasons that I workout 3 times a day is so that if I ever do decide to join the military, then I would be prepared for any challenge.

I would actually love to be in the military, but what is the biggest thing that is holding me back? The branch that I would join would demand of me 6 years of service. That is just too much time for me, and honestly, it feels like a waste. If I went in today, I would come out 28. I know I could accomplish so much more in that time.

However, there is also one ultimate reason. We are not at war. I have chosen to not be a peacetime soldier. Now I know that we are in Afghanistan, and I have full respect for the men and women who have served and are serving there currently, but I mean a full war between two countries. I told myself that if our country declared war, then I would enlist immediately.

I also do not want to be an officer. I do not like the idea of being safe and while others are in danger.

I am grateful for the opportunities that this country has given me, and I feel wrong for not giving back. I do not see the same gratitude around me. I see people that are self-centered with victim mentalities, that think life should be easy, and that people should just give them what they want. I see stuck-up individuals that have never seen a day of true intense hardship. I see weakness, and I repel it. I stay away from it. Instead, I bash away on iron. I kick and punch to harden my bones. I kick ass and take names with a smile on my face. People respect me, because I am relentless on myself. I give myself no mercy. I give myself no room for slack. I am my own drill instructor. I am my own worst critic. And because of this, I am limitless. Because of this, I am ahead. Because of this, I am free.

Be grateful. Serve. Improve. Be Free.

It’s that simple,



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