How to Save Yourself

When things get bad, really bad, when you start thinking of doing some stupid things, do you know what you look at? You look at the effect that you have had on the world. You look at whether you have purpose in your life. If your life was worth living. Do you know what will get you out of those bad times? If you actually helped someone.

Help other people to save yourself.

Help other people, and then make a folder to have a record of everyone that you helped. So that when the time comes, and you hit a low, you can open up that folder and remind yourself that you have had a positive effect, that if it were not for you existing, the world would be a worse place.

I personally keep a folder of screenshots that is titled, “My Life has Purpose”. In the folder are screenshots of comments and messages that prove to me that my work has positively impacted people’s lives, and even dramatically changed peoples lives for the better. I look at it to remind myself that I have purpose, and to keep grinding, to keep fighting the good fight.

Now this advice has 2 parts to it.

Help people, then record it.

Look at the people that seemingly have everything, and still take their lives. Robin Williams(rest in peace), a man that brought laughter to the entire world, still took his life. So many others just like him, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, people that have had amazing positive effects on the world, but were still unable to defeat their demons.

It is not enough to help people, you have to remind yourself that you have. You need to constantly remind yourself.

Help others, and you save yourself.

It’s that simple,



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