I have recently noticed a trend with me and my peers, something that all of seem to have in common. I noticed this while eating with a friend yesterday. He just wanted to sit down and enjoy the good food, because he was starved, and so we just ate in silence for about 15 minutes.

I was so bored, and all I wanted to do was talk.

This was strange to me, because usually, I loved silence. In the past, I was totally fine with just sitting in silence, driving in silence, I was actually quite fond of it. However, nowadays I am just trying to fill my life up with noise. If I am walking alone, then I am listening to an audiobook or a podcast. If I am at home, I am watching a video, or I’m listening to music. I am always trying to entertain myself.

I remember when I was age 17, when I made a vow of silence. It was during a school week too, so it was extra challenging, I even got in trouble, but I kept my vow for the whole week. It was quite life changing. I became so much more intune with the world, and my smiles were so much more meaningful, because my facial expressions were how I expressed anything, and so I truly meant them. It was also fun to just order things in restaurant, quite funny actually.

Try to practice silence for the first hour of your day, and whenever you can. If you are going to the grocery store, don’t play music, don’t talk to yourself, just be quiet for the whole experience. Little breaks of silence will let you be more in tune with the world.

The white noise that we fill our lives with makes our lives go by faster. Silence is the only way to slow it down. I want to enjoy and savior every moment. Don’t you??

Let’s keep it simple guys.




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