Gratitude is the Key

I did a simple exercise the other day, where I was just remembering some of the hardships that I went through, and the specific people that helped me along the way. And I realized that if it were not for those specific people, I would not be where I am today. And I felt such immense gratitude for those people, the sacrifices that they made.

Some of those people I no longer talk to today, but nonetheless, they were there for me at the times I needed them most, and so I still feel grateful for them.

Gratitude is the key to mastering your emotions. Tony Robbins teaches how it is impossible to be grateful and angry or depressed at the same time. Gratitude focuses you on reality. It reminds you how lucky you are, and what a great opportunity you have in front of you.

I talk about gratitude a lot on this blog post, because I need to remind myself to be more grateful, and also because of how powerful a tool I know it can be.

I am going to recommend to ways to be grateful that I have used myself.

  1. Write about a time that was extremely hard for you. Then write about the people that were there for you during those times.
    For me, most of those people did not directly help me solve the problem, but them just being there allowed me to feel normal, and that was everything to me.
  2. Make a list of three things that you can be grateful for.
    One big thing. One small thing. One person that you can be grateful for.

#2 I have done the second one for a long time, and it really does make a difference.

Try these things out and tell me how it goes.

It’s that simple,



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