A Quick Way to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

This is something that I learned from Dr. Rhonda Patrick, when she was on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Intermittent fasting is something I have tried for about a year, and it was a great experience. I used it because I knew that I was not going to be able to workout as intensely, and therefore not eat as much as I wanted, and so, I wanted a carefree way to control the amount of calories that I wanted.

Now the caveat here is that I still lived a very healthy lifestyle. I still worked out everyday, but it was a quick 5 minute workout (2 sets of 50 push ups, and 2 sets of 1 minute planks), and since I was a full time student, I had to walk around everywhere.

I tried to stick with a 14/10 eating cycle. Meaning, I would fast for 14 hours a day, and eat within the remaining 10. This worked out great for me. I was able to maintain my physique, and since I had to intake the food within a shorter time span, I felt more satiated on less food(keep in mind I would still eat 2000 calories, I was not starving myself by any means).

However, it turns out that there is an easier way to get the same benefits.

Humans run on a 12 hour metabolic cycle that is start up by light and food intake. Eating within this 12 hour frame is extremely healthy, eating outside of it is extremely unhealthy.

Eating within a 12 hour window has shown to reduce the likelihood of type 2 diabetes by half, increase stamina, as well as muscle growth!!

That is huge…

For more details I have linked the video below~

It’s that simple,



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