The Three Truths that I tell myself every Morning

There are so many things that we forget about life, and we only remember them when life hits us hard, or when a friend calls us out on our priorities. Like if you are wasting too much time, when you are wasting your time on somebody else, or if you are letting yourself be weak and pushed around.

For the past couple of months there have been three truths that I have been telling myself, to remind myself. You guys should know by now how I try to optimize my life, and I believe that this is a very powerful tool.

2 of these truths I got from Jordan Peterson, and the final third one is something that I added on a bit a later.

I have told myself these truths for a while and today I am going to be giving them to you. I recommend that you write these down everyday in a journal. It may seem meaningless at first or after a month, but allow me to illustrate a powerful picture.

Imagine 2 boys. Now take the first boy, and what if the first boy believed that he was unlucky, and he told himself that everyday for 10 years? Then take the second boy, and what if the second boy believed that he was extremely lucky, and he told himself that everyday for 10 years? If you had to bet, who do you think would be more successful? Even if you do not believe in luck, you would assume the second boy. Why? Because optimistic people take more risks, and are therefore more successful than pessimistic people on average.

I will give you the three truths and explain their importance.

Do not tell lies.

Whenever you tell a lie, you tell a direct contradiction to your identity. Words have power. We have to remind ourselves how powerful words can be. And if you think lying does not have a negative effect on you, then you are blind. I tell myself this because I do not want to get in my own way and hurt my own chances of success. By not lying, my perspective of the world becomes more honest and realistic, which allows me to better navigate, which in turn allows me to make better decisions and get to where I want to go.

Do not say anything that will make you weak.

This is parallel to the luck analogy that I made above. But this one is particularly powerful to me, because just a couple of months ago, I told myself that I was a piece of shit. It was sad, and it was cathartic, but I did not realize how much damage it did to me. I only realized after talking to a couple of girls, and I noticed how low my confidence has become. Once I stopped, not even replacing my language, but just stopped. The difference in mentality was like night/day.

Before you try to lift yourself up, make sure you’re not pushing yourself down first.

Act strong, because you are.

You are so much more durable, so much more stronger than you know. I have gone through so much pain, and I need to remember that I can go through a hell of a lot more. I was able to be homeless on multiple occasions and not lose hope. I was able to work my ass off in the highest level of culinary excellence, while still going to college full time, read for leisure, and workout.

Act strong, because you are.

I can’t recommend reminding yourself of these truths enough. It is a powerful change. It is a simple, but powerful change.

Try it out, and tell me how it goes.

It’s that simple,


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