Who I am to my Friends

I noticed a pattern in a lot of my friendships. I believe there is a value to every friendship, and with every friend, they hang out with you because of a certain value.

It seems for me that I act as a sign or a guide of sorts. Because I am so brutally honest, and because of all the work that I have put in to self-improve, people use me to wake themselves up, or make sure that they are on the right track.

I had another 3 hour conversation with a good friend of mine, and we were talking about the usual stuff. It had been a long time since I had seen him, so we were catching up for the first couple of minutes. But most of the conversation had dealt with him, however the interesting thing was how much he improved.

Before, he would talk about how he was satisfied with living in the middle class, and that he just wanted a middle class life.

And he told me that my reaction to his contentedness, and me telling him to get bigger dreams had an effect on him. It made him get bigger dreams, and now he wants to be a part of the 1%.

I was very glad to hear that. However with him, since he is so stubborn it usually takes a while before my advice sinks in, and so our friendship has become basically me telling him advice, and then him accepting it after a couple of months to a year.

In the conversation, I wanted him to try to be more open-minded and aware of how he could be getting in his own way, and how his beliefs could be the cause of his not being successful. It was strange of how obviously unproductive his language, his self-talk, but at the same time, have him be completely unaware. He was so oblivious to how he was describing himself, that it was honestly scary.

He said things like,

“What’s the point of taking a risk, if I know I’m going to fail?”

“I don’t argue anymore, I just take it in”

“I have shit luck”

And it took about 3 hours before he realized that he agreed with my advice, it was quite funny because through our argument, in the end, he concluded exactly what I was trying to argue, we both started laughing.

And this seems to be common with all of my friends. Not the arguing, but the deep meaningful conversations where I act as a warning sign or a guide to either stop and turn around or to keep going.

My relentless self-improvement is infectious. I can say that my improvements have also improved the life of others. My family and friends.

Improvement does not just affect you, but it affects everyone around you. Whether it be they see what you are doing, and then they begin to want more for themselves. Or they see what you are doing, and they get jealous and try to put you down for it, you have an affect. And no matter what you do, both reactions will come to you, so make sure that you do right by you.

It’s that simple,



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