3 Things that All Women Should Know

As I have talked about in my last couple posts, these past few months have been very trans-formative for me. I have uncovered so many lies that I have been told to me. The innocent desire to have all sexes be treated equally was warped by the idea that it should be achieved by trying to prove that the sexes are equal.

The sexes are different, we are complimentary, not the same.

And from this realization, came the putting together of a lot of things that I have learned when I was a child, something that I always knew, but was taught to never acknowledge, and so, here I present, the ideas that I should have acknowledged years ago, the pieces that I have pieced together.

What Every Woman Should Know

  1. Women, it is in your nature to be hypergamous.
    It is in your nature to date/marry up. This is something that is in the biological construct, a natural tendency that has been a part of women since the beginning of history. I personally do not see anything wrong with that, because, first it is part of nature, and second, because it just makes sense.
    What does this mean for you?
    There are a couple of ways of going about it. Maybe, you do not like the idea of being hypergamous, then you can combat it by training yourself.
    What I would recommend is that you understand that you are naturally hypergamous, and try to be aware when you start to act in a hypergamous way. Hypergamy is like any other human tool, there are right/wrong ways to use it. And women tend to miss out on some great opportunities, because their hypergamy tells them to look the other way.
  2. The female peak in the sexual market place, their peak level of attraction, for the average female, will be at age 22-24. 
    This is crucial information, because there is something called “the wall”. “The wall” is basically the feeling of desperation a woman feels at age 30 or older, if she is not married with kids, and instead spent her youth doing something else, whether it be drinking and partying, or it could just be having a career.
    Which leads to the next fact.
  3. Women are the most fertile at the age of their peak level of attraction on the sexual market place.
    Once women hit their mid-thirties, the rate of having a child with Down Syndrome sky rockets. And other pregnancy difficulties, their rates increase even earlier.
    If you want to have children, you should try to do so as early as possible. Now, I know that you will have to juggle that with having a career, so I would give a long hard thought about what your priorities are, and what risks you are willing to take.

You do not want to look for marriage after you have already passed your prime, and then have to compete with girls that are younger than you are. Now there are ways to prolong your prime, and slow the rate of the fall, such as not using make up, and instead using lotion, and other skin care products. And of course, eating healthy and exercise. However, do not think that you will always look the same. You should think ahead.

It’s that simple,


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