How to be a Man

* This post is continuing off of my last post, I will assume that you have read it, and will understand terms like hypergamy. 

After finally unveiling all the lies that I have been told about the relations between genders, and how we are not all equal, I had to rediscover what it meant to be a man. And although I am just starting in this journey, it has been infinitely more fulfilling, and I no longer feel that doubt of its validity or truthfulness.

First and foremost, a man is a Leader and a Provider. 

I do not care how many women you hear that say otherwise, this is without a doubt a truth.

I remember a story about a woman that was wearing the pants in the relationship, where she would make the majority of the decisions, usually paid for the meal, or did dutch pay with her own husband. When she was with a man like that, she felt like she had a great friendship, but her desires for a man could just not be met. She realized that she was too headstrong herself, and too set on getting things her way, and having control over everything. She was married to that man as well. However, after a divorce, she found herself a man that would lead her. And although it was hard for her to release her grip at first, she learned to let go, and she is infinitely happier for it. And reflecting back, she wished that she had done so from the beginning.

Now, I’m not saying that women shouldn’t take control, I think it is a good value that should be practiced regularly, but if she has a good man, she should trust him to lead. And one should get the idea out of one’s head that following is a subordinate and lesser position, or that there is always a follower. When it comes to the relationship that I am talking about, the man should always take into consideration the wants/needs of his wife/family. That is the man’s end of the agreement to fulfill, but the woman has to fulfill her end of the bargain as well.

There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man that is wanted by other woman

. . .and a woman finds nothing more dangerous than a man that is attractive(a 10/10) and knows it.

A man has to be dangerous. He has to be capable of massive destruction. He has to be a good monster, but a monster nonetheless.

Why? Women want to know that the man that she chose is indeed a valuable or desired man.

This means that the man is wanted by other women, and this equates to the man having an abundance mentality. Meaning, he knows that he is someone that is highly desired in the sexual market place, and that if one relationship does not work out, he has a line of other women waiting for him.

No woman wants a man that no other woman wants.

Women want security in terms of financial and social security, but in a relationship, a little bit of insecurity is ideal, because it will allow for further flirtation, courting, and ultimately create more desire.


This means that a man must prioritize his health, fitness, and success.

Notice how I did not place women in his list of priorities. A man should never chase after women. Chasing after anything implies scarcity, if it were abundant, there would be no need to chase after, because they seem to just always be there. One should do this, because it is true. If you prioritize your health, fitness, and success, then you will naturally increase you place in the sexual market place, and therefore you will attract women.

If you are not married, a man should be trying to be as successful as possible, and should be trying in every way to improve himself. He should be number 1 in his life.

It’s that simple,


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