How to Force Your Body to Rest: A Post for A-Type Personalities Like ME

If you have an A-Type personality, then you are good at one thing: achievements. You chase down what you want, and you are always after the next thing. Life never seems to be enough, and there always have to be more. For people like me, it is hard to just relax. There always has to be a goal or a desired outcome. This personality certainly has its strengths, but its biggest weakness is that we often overlook our body’s need for rest and comfort to the point where we can actually end up doing a lot of irreparable damage,

After a lot of trial and error, here is what I have discovered so far in learning how to rest and just. . . chill.

Plan ahead of time when to rest.

This is something that I learned from attending school, not in school, but by going. Ever notice how after every 4/5 months or so, you rest for 1-2 months? I realized that this is perfect. Sprinkle out within your year several mini-vacations, actually plan them out and make sure that they are a part of your annual schedule.

When I was training in MMA, this was perfect for me, because I would train hard for 4/5 months, and that 1 month, would give my body the rest that it badly needed, and after the rest, I would come back rejuvenated and stronger than before, because my bones would have had time to heal and come back stronger.

Make a list of things that calm you down and make you relax, and do them.

Whenever I have a time period to relax, whether it be a month or a week, there are a couple of things that I do to ensure that I will calm down, relax, and recover.

  • Eat an absurd amount of meat.
  • Go to a korean sauna(specifically for the ice cold baths, hot baths, steam rooms, and hot rooms)
  • Hike(surrounding yourself with nature has been proven to improve health markers)

This is a list that I have been tinkering with for a while, and this means you will not be perfect at the start. Just keep exploring, and you will get your list too. I still think that I have a lot further to go with my list, but so far it works for me, and I feel great after doing so.

I strongly recommend the mini-vacation(a term coined by Tim Ferriss, if I’m not mistaken) routine. It certainly works with me, and so I’m sure you guys will find value out of it as well.

Give it a shot~

It’s that simple,



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